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  • Kato 1060019 N Amtrak ALC-42 Charger & Superliner -  3 Car Set
  • Kato 1060019 N Amtrak ALC-42 Charger & Superliner -  3 Car Set
  • Kato 1060019 N Amtrak ALC-42 Charger & Superliner -  3 Car Set

Kato 1060019 N Amtrak ALC-42 Charger & Superliner - 3 Car Set

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1060019 N Amtrak ALC-42 Charger & Superliner - 3 Car Set

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Siemens ALC-42 Charger & 3 Cars Starter Set - Standard DC
Kato USA Inc #106-0019
Amtrak #302, Sleeper, Coach, Coach-Baggage, Unitrack Oval, Power Pack

Model Overview:

Kato’s new ALC-42 “Charger” model represents the Siemens Diesel-Electric engine as it has been ordered by Amtrak long distance service. This model differs from other regional variations of the “Charger” model with an extended nose section, larger fuel tank and sandfill tank, and other internal modifications to make it better fit Amtrak’s needs for cross country travel. All of these details have been carefully and lovingly replicated on the brand new Kato model, which features totally new molding and design from the ground up.
The smooth curves of the engine are precisely modeled to match the prototype, with a visible engine compartment beneath the engine’s distinctive large grill on the side. In order to duplicate the illuminated engine compartment from the prototype model, an interior lighting kit is capable of being installed into the rear of the engine, allowing modelers to enjoy this extra lighting feature!

Prototype Overview:

The Siemens’ ALC-42 “Charger” is Amtrak’s newest addition to its roster of long distance diesel locomotives, intended to replace the GE P42 in general passenger service across all of its service area.  The first ALC-42 was delivered to Amtrak on June 17, 2021 and entered revenue service on February 8, 2022 on the Empire Builder. The initial six engines from Amtrak were all designed with special paint schemes – with one receiving a “Day one” heritage paint scheme that mimes the very first Amtrak paint scheme applied to EMD E8 #4316 in 1971.

Complete Starter Set Includes:

  • ALC-42 Amtrak Phase VI #302
  • Superliner Sleeper #32052
  • Superliner Coach-Baggage #31021
  • Superliner Coach #34055
  • Complete Oval of Track (12 3/8” Radius)
  • Grade Crossing/Rerailing track
  • Kato Power Pack SX

Locomotive Features:

  • The New ALC-42 is brand new from top to bottom, with an all-new mechanism and sophisticated construction
  • Directional Golden White LED headlights and illuminated preprinted number boards.
  • A powerful five pole motor with all wheel electrical pickup and blackened wheels
  • Hybrid steel and plastic wheels give all-wheel electrical pickup with unprecedented prototype details on the visible wheel exterior
  • Special printing techniques will create ultra-fine grill details otherwise impossible in N Scale
  • The Charger’s distinctive vent on the side of the body is replicated in see-through detail and can be illuminated with the installation of an optional 11-211 Interior Lighting Kit
  • For the first time in N Scale, the ALC-42 “Charger” engine will be designed from the ground up to accomodate DCC & Sound, with a vented speaker mount in the fuel tank
  • Equipped with body mounted KATO magnetic knuckle couplers

Superliner Passenger Car Features:

  • Fully detailed interiors can be lit with optional Interior LED lighting kit with #11-211/11-212
  • Finely detailed with prototype accurate painting and lettering
  • Free and smooth rolling trucks for maximum performance
  • All cars are equipped with Kato semi-automatic knuckle couplers