858338 STAR WARS Vader's Tie Fightr sk1/Blister Pack

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  • Item #: REV-85-8338
  • Manufacturer: Revell

Skill level 1
Length: 2-3/4""
Wingspan: 3-3/16""
Height: 1-7/8""
Parts: 21

The Sith® Lord's signature spaceship.

Powered by twin ion engines, Darth Vader's TIE Fighter served as the basis for subsequent TIE aircraft flown by the Galactic Empire. This superior spacecraft is distinguished by a duralloy steel hull, solar cell wings and heavy twin blaster cannons on fixed mounts. Darth Vader's chances for survival in battle were also boosted by a hyperdrive system, which allowed him to rapidly escape from the action if necessary. Kit features easy snap-together assembly and painted plastic parts. No paint or glue is required.

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